Size: 400 — 1600 mm wide Capacity: up to 8,000 TPH Standard troughed belt conveyors are usually comprised of conveyor belting, riding on heavy-duty troughed idlers, ranging in angles from 20°-45°, each securely mounted to a structural steel frame. Troughed belt conveyors can be run at various inclined angles, typically between 0°-20° (30° with cleated/chevron belting).


One of the greatest benefits of the troughed belt conveyor over a flat belt is increased capacity. The trough design also contains and arranges the material in one continuous stream, while at the same time, eliminating spillage. The troughed belt can also help shield the material from unforeseen forces, such as airflow from other equipment operating nearby.


Integrated skirtboard and exhaust ports provide additional control for each customer's specific scenario.These are usually located at the tail section of the conveyor, where the material is loaded onto the belt. This design has dual functionality; it centers the material on the belt and contains dust and fines. Often times, a dust pick off point is also located at the top of the discharge hood.


Heavy-duty box truss frames are available in several standard depths. This type of frame construction is utilized when long spans are required between support points. In addition to span length, other load factors such as wind etc., are accounted for in proper truss selection.


The channel frame is typically utilized for conveyors that do not require long spans between supports. They are also often used when located close to grade, thus not requiring a cantilevered walkway. With that in mind, the channel frame conveyors get the same precision engineering that is expected from all Spectratech material handling equipment.


Heavy-duty construction
Custom design for optimal handling
Various belting options


conveyor rollers are built to last. They are designed for medium to extreme heavy duty requirements for various industries. Applications include: cement, quarrying, steel and process, batching, asphalt & block, construction, fertilizers, warehouse, packaging and recycling industries. All rollers are suitable for continuous operation in the most extreme weather conditions and hostile environments.Conveyor Rollers are designed for endurance and components originate from quality sources. Balancing determines a roller's life, which is ensured by using concentric pipes, precision end-caps and double-bored spindles. Rolling resistance determines the power requirements for a conveyor, which is why Spectratech rollers are lubricated for life and double sealed to resist dust permeation.

Salient Features

Roller Selection

Belt Conveyor Sysytem 500 BW 650 BW 700 BW 800 BW 900 BW 1000 BW
Carrier Roller 89 x 200 x 230 x 20 89 x 250 x 280 x 20 89 x 300 x 330 x 20 89 x 310 x 340 x 20 89 x 350 x 380 x 20 89 x 380 x 410 x 20
Roller Bracket 75 x 40 x 850 75 x 40 x 950 75 x 40 x 1050 75 x 40 x 1150 75 x 40 x 1250 75 x 40 x 1350
Return Roller 89 x 650 x 680 x 25 89 x 750 x 780 x 25 89 x 850 x 880 x 25 89 x 950 x 980 x 25 89 x 1050 x 1080 x 25 89 x 1150 x 1180 x 25
Impact Rollers 60 / 89 x 650 x 680 x 25 60 / 89 x 750 x 780 x 25 60 / 89 x 850 x 880 x 25 60 / 89 x 950 x 980 x 25 60 / 89 x 1050 x 1080 x 25 60 / 89 x 1150 x 1180 x 25


Pulleys are dimensioned, designed & constructed according to characteristic of each belt conveyor system of Spectratech. Pulleys are manufactured using material of the highest quality, strict process control and employing advanced technology. Dependable, long performance, rigid sturdy design and reduced maintenance cost Apt selection of pipe shell, side & stiffener plates, welding method, type of fitment and shaft design. Sizes: 200-1200mm dia x 500 - 2500mm length Types: Head, Tail, Snub, Bend, Take-ups, Wing pulleys. Also motorized with a built-in drive and transmission. Smooth steel surface wthout lagging for small belt width and power,driveand non-drive ends application Herringbone rubber lagging has big frictional factor, better anti-slippery and drainage ability, but has its own direction. Diamond-rhombic laggings are good with better grip for two-way operating conveyors. Hot vulcanized /cold adhesive bondings

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